World of Warcraft Hunter Guide – Master the Hunter Class

Hunters are a pure dps class. But the inability to tank or heal doesn’t make the hunter an easy class to play or master. To achieve this, one needs a World of Warcraft hunter guide. Aside from being a ranged class that typically does physical damage, what makes hunters unique from all other ranged dps classes is that they don’t do magic damage. A hunter’s pet is a very important element of this class.

A World of Warcraft hunter guide gives you an adequate amount of insight in your class as well as knowledge to help you succeed being a hunter. Nevertheless, success still depends on how you execute the tools and information provided by these guides. The hunter class has three talent trees which are Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and Survival all of which entail different play style, different gear and a specific pet.

Marksmanship and Survival talent trees are the only ones viable in PvE since these provide a much higher dps that the Beast Mastery class. A Marksmanship hunter is mostly doing physical damage. The top spec for this type of hunter in PvE is 7/57/7. You can get maximum dps with this talent build by following a simple rotation: Serpent sting – Chimera Shot – Aimed Shot – Arcane Shot -Steady Shot – Steady shot-Steady Shot – Aimed Shot -Chimera Shot….

If you deem it necessary, you can replace Arcane Shot with another Steady shot. You should also use Glyph of Serpent sting, Glyph of Steady shot and Glyph of Kill shot. Marksmanship hunters gear and stats should be centered on the following main stats: Attack power, Crit and Armor penetration. If you have a good World of Warcraft hunter guide at hand, it will tell you that armor penetration is one of the most crucial stats for this spec and will provide the hunter with high increase of the damage. It is wise to pick up this build only when you are at the appropriate level since Marksmanship hunters rely very much on gear.

A rather easier class to play and less gear dependent than a Marksmanship hunter is a Survival hunter. The Survival hunter’s damage comes mostly from Explosive shot which makes fire damage instead of physical damage. The Armor penetration will have an effect on a much smaller portion of your damage than it does for a Marksmanship hunter. The main stats for this spec are attack power, crit and haste rating and the most common Survival Hunter spec is 0/18/53. For a good attack rotation, make use of your explosive shot, black arrow and aimed shot on every cool down and shoot steady shots in between. The best pet for both specs is a wolf pet. Also, the glyphs you should use should be the same for both specs.

These are just some of the vital information that every good World of Warcraft hunter guide should have. Other essential knowledge present in a well-written World of Warcraft hunter guide would include how to spec and gear for PvP and an explanation of mechanics and talents of the class.