Top 3 Things to Remember Before Calling a Girl Up – Make Her Fall For You Through a Phone Call

Almost every guy has been through the same ordeal — calling a girl for the first time can prove to call girls in lahore be quite intimidating and scary. Admit it — there were times you actually can’t help but hung up instead because we seem not to quite know what to say, even if we’ve spent sleepless night rehearsing our lines. Relax. Girls can sense if you’re scared like hell from the other line and might hang up on you instead — which is a major bummer. Here are some things to remember before calling a girl up:

  • Take a deep breath and relax. Remember — this isn’t the first phone call of your life. Shake off the stress and be cool. It’s not going to be the end of the world. You can rehearse some lines but make it sound as casual as possible.
  • Make it sound like you’re calling a friend. This is a great trick to use when you’re feeling really that nerve-wrecked. Imagine calling up your buddies for a little basketball game or to invite them over to your house — sounds pretty easy right? You can practically do that in seconds. So when calling up a girl, imagine speaking with your friends — with a little touch of refinement of course.
  • End the call first. Don’t stick too long. Getting her attention is great and perfect but don’t make it sound like you’re totally desperate for her attention. Suddenly be in a hurry like you have to be somewhere soon — that would make her intrigued about you more. Do this nicely and smoothly though — you don’t want to come off as rude.


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