Quit Weed Today – Better Late Than Never!

I’ve heard so many people say ‘I’m going to quit weed, I don’t want to smoke it anymore.’ Six months later they are still saying that they still want to quit, so why haven’t they?

Well the truth is, they don’t want to quit. There might have good reasons to stop smoking weed, but they must have reasons to smoke or else they simply wouldn’t smoke anymore. So what reasons might there be to continue smoking? Many people say it’s their cravings, some say it’s because weed makes them happy or gets them by. They’re just excuses and will prevent you from quitting.

The Truth

I’m just being honest and don’t mean to offend anyone. gras online kaufen I just want to help you quit as long as that’s what you want, and I’m sure you want to quit, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

What reason do you have to keep smoking? When you have a few minutes, write down all the reasons you can think of. Then write down all the reasons you wan to quit weed on another piece of paper. Some reasons might be money, you might have hobbies you want to start or you might want to end depression. This is a good question to ask yourself, ‘what will I be able to do, have or be when I quit weed? Compare both of them and decide which piece of paper you want to live by.

The Reasons That You Tell Yourself Are Preventing You From Quitting

All the stories you have been saying to yourself are the reasons you haven’t quit yet. Drop the excuse and you will find yourself quitting in no time at all. Is it really that easy? It is but there are other things you must do to successfully quit Weed.