Life Is More than About Procreating, Creating Order, or About Having a means to Earn a living


Life is about being present, in-the-moment, and living that moment as if it was the last breath that you’ll ever take. “Why do you ask, ” Should anyone be so intense all the time? ” My answer to that is a definitive: Yes! Everyone should live intently on seizing the most of their lives while they are above ground and still alive! Living on-purpose with intention and intensity is a very good way to teach yourself that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. And if you enjoy the moment, you can koora live seize the next opportunity to learn, teach or to give acknowledgment back to yourself or others by what your presence of mind has taught you. Sure, life is about getting educated to earn a living, getting married and raising a family, though not always in that order. Life is more about creating the type of order that suits your desires, dreams and defining a higher standard of living for your friends and family after you have left the earthly plane.KOORA LIVE TV كورة لايف مباراة الارجنتين وهولندا بث مباشر koora live شاهد  المباراه الان مجانا بعدة جودات .. رياضة

Life is about living and doing what innately comes as guidance through your emotions, mind and the reflection that you perceived, but also to satisfy more than your need to survive. To live a life in bliss, you must first get excited about how you earn a living, be madly in love with your mate, create a family, on your own terms, and most significantly- about the pursuit of happiness throughout the process..

Living on purpose, living deliberately and enjoying the moment is the best way to savor the zest or purpose each moment brought about. That moment, the one that you have manifested, is no different then any other moment in your life or living condition. YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU MANIFEST. It is sometimes hard to believe that we are solely responsible for the way that our daily lives unfold. Though, it is untold, or not clearly seen on the surface, each action that happens either to us or through us we either invited or accepted and it became the current reality of our condition. LET’S BE CLEAR, HERE. I did also say allowed. Did you allow something to persist way beyond a reasonable expiration date?

At one point or another, each one of us decided how we wanted to live and that is the result of the life that we are living RIGHT NOW! Whether you and I decided the presence that we are experiencing now is of no consequence. What does matter is what you and I do with the opportunity that we are currently experiencing.

CASE-IN-POINT: Maybe your sweetheart was on a different page than you regarding his/her plans to start a union or to create a family, no problem, you are loving and you deserve a loving, caring, affectionate life-partner that is going to want equal or similar things, maybe to start a life that includes a family, or not a life that does not include a family, these wishes should be pursued together with the same intensity as what you want to experience individually, though by sharing a common interest with the partner of your own choosing. It’s okay to release a habit, partner, career choice or choice of living that no longer serves you. Releasing is learning when something resonates with our desires or needs to be purged.

Like a metaphorical fishing expedition, once you have focused on so many fish, it is then time to catch, okay-done! It’s okay to release bad jobs, friends, family members and to resonate and vibrate with people, places and things that bring you equal or similar love and strength. If you are unequally yoked, it’s time to let something or someone go.

Then release them back into their natural habitat. Just as plain and simple as that! Once you have learned your life lesson(s), and you have caught what you needed to learn, it is then, when you need to release the drama and move into the next phase of life’s adventures.

Watch your life story unfold, or at least get out of neutral once you have taken the necessary action(s)ie., being proactive, present and questioning the disappointments of your life’s circumstances and devised a plan to change, fix, amend or end something that needs to be let go out, sent into the wild and released for someone else to catch and start their own new adventure.

If you and me desire to live a life of peace and ease, then we must simplify our lives and decide to live life with open eyes, living and noticing everything that happens in our presence during the current moment. We must decide to seize the opportunity that our presence of mind can enable and has already invited by our prior actions. Life is about living and doing what innately comes to your emotions and mind, but also to satisfy more than your need to survive. To live a life in bliss, you must first get excited about how you earn a living and be madly in love with your mate, create a family, on your own terms, and most importantly about the pursuit of happiness.

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