How to Care for English Bulldogs


English bulldogs are by no means easy to care for and so owners need to do adequate research on how to best care for their little one French bulldogs for sale. It’s true that bulldogs are stubborn and strong willed, but with proper training they make very good companions that love to spend time with their owners. It is important to remember that you need to give the best care possible for your puppy.

There are several ways in which you can ensure that your English bulldog puppy is taken care of well. Although bulldogs appear to be very energetic and active, they get tired very quickly. When taking your bulldog out for a walk or a jog, make sure that you don’t overdo it. When bulldogs get tired, they slump on the ground and refuse to move. You might be forced to carry you dog home if you give him too much exercise.

English bulldogs dislike hot temperatures so make sure that your house is air-conditioned. English bulldogs are house pets and should not be left out in the cold or heat as it can have a direct negative impact on their health. If it is too hot outside, make sure that you let your bulldog in to the house and keep him in a cool room. Don’t let your puppy out on hot days either.

House dogs need a designated area for sleeping and relieving themselves. Make sure that you have designated these areas in your home as it is a vital part in instilling discipline and routine in your dog. Like all other dogs, English bulldogs need regular grooming. Because of their wrinkles, bulldogs need special attention in terms of grooming as dirt and bacteria might hide in the wrinkles. Clean under the wrinkles regularly, and remember to spray your dog to protect it from fleas.

The tail is also another area that needs constant cleaning as it may lead to infection if ignored. The tail is the dirtiest part of a bulldog and needs to be regularly checked for infections or unusual wounds. Also take your bulldog to a vet on a regular basis to prevent diseases or treat the bulldog. Ensure that you have an emergency number for the closes vet in case of emergencies. Regular visits to the vet will let your bulldog lead a happy and healthy life.

English bulldogs should never be fed raw eggs. This is a mistake that most owners make and one that can be fatal. You should be very careful about what you feed your bulldog as it directly impacts on the lifespan of your dog. Treating your do kindly and grooming it regularly will ensure that you and your pet enjoy each others company. English bulldogs are one of the best companions that one can have and so should be treated with love and respect. Taking care of your dog is fundamental to its happiness and will prolong its life. If you are looking for a new puppy that will play well with your small children an English Bulldog may be the dog you are looking for. The dogs grow to weigh 50-55 pounds and become 12-14 inches tall. They also have wrinkly faces, caused by thick folds of skin. These dogs are very energetic puppies, but grows into a calm adult. The good thing about this breed is that they make great guard dogs, they are gentle with children and they are very affectionate.

Unfortunately, they drool a lot. They also snore, because they have a hard time breathing due to their noses being squished into their faces. So if you have just bought a new english bulldog puppy, I would suggest that you not let him sleep in your bed, because then you may have to put up with snoring from someone other than just your spouse.

These dogs are fairly easy to groom. All that you have to so is brush them with a stiff bristle brush every few day and give them baths when necessary. It is necessary to wipe their folds every day to keep them from becoming infected. Of course you will also need to do the typical nail clipping that all dogs need as well as cleaning their ears after their baths.

English Bulldogs have a rich history. Their ancestors the old English Bulldogs began their existence by being a part of a sport in old time England. The sport was called bull baiting. The goal was for the dog to immobilize the bull by clamping its teeth down into it’s flesh. This is why the dogs had short muzzles, it helped them to be able to breathe while their teeth were attached to the bull. Fortunately this became outlawed, but the old English bulldog became extinct. The dog was mixed with other breeds to create the dog we know today as the English bulldog.

If you plan on getting one of these dogs, keep in mind that puppies can be a lot of work, and will require a good bit of your time, especially at first. You will have to teach them everything that they will need to know, including potty training, their names and even how to go up and down stairs. Fortunately, dogs are fast learners. It should not take too long for you to teach them, with some patience.

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