Home Based Business Bonanzas

Have you ever listened to the radio and heard the incredible ads that you can make $4000 a week stuffing envelopes at home in your underwear working only part-time and that each month that you do this you will make another thousand dollars per month more and eventually you will be making $30,000 a month working only two days a week stuffing envelopes in your underwear part-time.

You are probably thinking yourself well if I am making that kind of money then I will do it in the nude. Most people would, however as most of us know these home-based business bonanzas are BS and bogus. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is and we all know that your tongue would fall off if you licked that many envelopes or you are probably BONANZAJP going to get tongue cancer or something terrible and die anyway.

Not all home-based businesses are bogus or ripoffs; yes a good percentage of them are and that is why the Federal Trade Commission or FTC is hot on the trail of these fraudsters to make sure they do not rip off the consumer or the public with their home-based business bonanzas scams. If you are considering opening a business of your own; a home-based business then you should be careful and do due diligence and check out to each and every home-based business that you are interested in and learn all the details and ask all the questions before purchasing. Please consider this in 2006.