English Books Versus English Online Courses For Kids and the Pros and Cons of Each

There is no denying the fact that books can help a lot when it comes to learning the English language. It has been the mode of education since time immemorial, and books are great teachers especially if you want to learn on your own. But with our modern technology, we now make use of the Internet to learn the language because there are many online courses now that teaches English. With this two very different ways on how to master the language, the questions is what is most beneficial for your kids?

English Books for Kids

If you opt to teach your kids through books, there are many English books for kids available, which are easy to learn and understand. You usually start with picture storybooks that contain simple English terms. As your kid learns more of the English grammar and as his grasp of the English words progress, then you can make use of children’s dictionary to help them understand the words better.

Another kind of English books for kids are those that contain a questions and answer portion. This helps you gauge your kid’s grasp of the language. You can also look for English books for kids that talks about a course in miracles   the verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc., which are written in simple style to help them understand it better.

By using English books for kids as the mode of teaching, your kid will develop a good reading skill, one thing that modern technology takes away from our children. One disadvantage though in using English books for kids as a learning material is that your kid cannot hear the correct intonations and accents of the English grammar. Plus, books become obsolete so soon.

Online Courses for Kids

If books are not enough for your kid’s needs to learn the English language, then you can always look for online courses for kids. There are many websites that offer online courses for kids focusing on the English grammar that it will only take you to look for a reputable website before enrolling your kid there.

Its main advantage is that they usually make use of audio English books for kids. With the use of such, your kids will learn the proper intonations and accents of the English grammar. These online courses for kids also encourage your kids to speak in the English language, helping them further to master the language. Another advantage is that online courses for kids are usually updated regularly.