Best Laptop Computers Under $500 – Compaq Presario CQ60


The Compaq Presario CQ60 is considered one of the best laptop computers under $500. It features a 2 Ghz Intel mobile duo core processor. This processor is powerful enough to handle your Microsoft Office applications and your iTunes music collection. The laptop has a glossy black finish and 1.38 inch thickness letting the world know that you are hip and in to the latest trends.

There is ample hard drive space for the typical laptop user for music, files, applications, and some games. At this price range Compaq gives an extra gigabyte of RAM compared to other laptops of similar price range. This should help with increased battery life and boost hp pavilion ryzen 5  Windows performance. The integrated Intel graphics is a capable graphics chip able to run your applications and play movies. If you intend on watching a lot of high definition videos or play the latest games you should look for a more powerful graphics chip.

The wireless 802.11b/g WLAN adapter does not use the latest WIFI 802.11n standard which has wider range and faster speeds. For the typical user this is not a detriment unless you will be transferring a lot of files over WIFI, video conferencing, or streaming video. The standard 6-Cell battery should keep this laptop humming comparable to other laptops in this budget category. HP offers an extended 12 cell battery option for road warriors. It has the standard ports such as USB, headphone, mic, VGA, LAN, and analog modem. The speakers are Altec Lansing. For those that are looking to watch movies on this laptop should really consider getting external speakers or a really good pair of headphones.

Full version software that are included are Microsoft Works, HP DVD Play, Muvee Reveal, and Cyberlink DVD. Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Trial and a Symantec Norton Internet Security 2009 trial are included as well. For the regular user the Microsoft Works is enough. Although anyone working from home or a business school student should serious consider upgrading to a full version of Microsoft Office to enable sharing of documents and spreadsheets with co-workers and professors.


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