American Narcotic Prescription Drug Use Grows 300%-Plus 1998 to 2008 and Drives Fiscal Irresponsibil

In 2008, Americans consumed enough Prescription Narcotics to insure that 301,000,000 American men, women, and children all could have received enough Narcotic pain killers to keep themselves in some form of euphoria for most of the year.

The reader may accuse me of Inventing the Data. I would send you to the DEA website to verify it yourself via their Office of Diversion Control official Narcotic Production Quota for 1998-2008. For the time being it is available online, however this may change as I continue to try to bring to the public eye How to Buy Xanax 1 Mg Online without Prescription toward the uncontrolled growth in narcotics prescribing and consumption relative to the total amount of Buy Xanax Online pain in the American populace.

We may ask how the infamous “THEY” could allow this to happen.

Take it a step further, what if I told you that since 1998, the amount of prescription narcotics consumed in the U.S.A. was less than 33% on average that it is today? This forces the question. What has changed in our total pain levels and in our culture and pain thresholds that we now find ourselves requiring more than 3-fold greater an amount of opiates versus 1 decade prior?

When you are nested within the change and it takes place over time, it may be more difficult to perceive, but we and 1998 America do not have much in common any more. The personalities have changed. We have undergone.